“About your inf” page

No one except for you can see the About your inf page, but the information from it can be used by your inf while chatting.

Some of the information about your inf can also be provided in the section Suggested topics on the Classroom page. In this case this information will be used by your inf in the replies according to the questions below.

There is a hierarchy of priority: My templates hold higher priority than Suggested topics. However, Suggested topics hold a higher priority than About your inf. Therefore, the inf will respond with replies provided according to the chain of importance.

• When were you born? (Any reply to the topic Age has higher priority).
• What is your zodiac sign? (Any reply to the topic Horoscope and the reply to the question “What is your star sign?” in the topic Horoscope have higher priority).
• What do you like? (Any reply to the topic Hobby and the reply to the question “What is your hobby?” in the topic Hobby have higher priority).
• Where do you live? (Any reply to the topic Geography and the reply to the question “Where do you live?” in the topic Geography have higher priority).

How to fill out the “About your inf” page?

Enter the information in the appropriate fields and click on the Save button to save changes.