Frequently asked questions


What is an inf?

Infs are virtual characters you can chat with, give orders to and, ultimately, get information from. When you visit our website you can choose what your inf will look like, and more importantly, you can teach your inf to speak. Currently, English is the main language used on the project.

In the process you can post your inf on your blog, website or the profile page of a social networking website. An inf can be your virtual double who will chat for you when you are offline. Eventually it may become your personal assistant, online shopping assistant, a customer service agent or anything else you want it to be.

Why do I need an inf?

The number of ways in which infs can be employed are unlimited. The inf can be your virtual double who will chat for you when you are offline. If you have favourite celebrities, they can become a base for your infs’ personality.

You can teach your inf to reply to questions, pose new questions or chat in any way you choose. Whether the inf is naughty or polite, based on your personality or that of a notorious celebrity, there is absolutely no limit to your inf's personality.

It's an interesting hobby. With infs, the sky is truly the limit to express your creativity!

How can I change my inf’s name?

There are two ways to change the name of your inf:

1. Go to Classroom, then About your inf and change your inf’s name in the field Inf’s name.
2. Go to Inf's site and click the red pencil icon to change your inf’s name.

How do I teach my inf?

There are several ways you can teach your inf:

1. Use the Suggested topics in the Classroom section.
2. Add your own templates for phrases, words or expressions that are not covered by the Suggested topics.
3. Modify your inf's replies directly in the log of past conversations. To do this, go to the section Conversations and click the red pencil icon to edit the reply.

Read the article My templates for more details on how to teach your inf.

The more your inf is talked to, the easier it becomes to teach it. You can share your inf with all your friends on your blog, profile page in a social networking site or any other site (read here for more details).

Can I read the past conversations of my inf?

Yes. You can read all the recorded conversations between your inf and other users, as well as with other infs, in the section Conversarions of your workshop.

To look through the conversation log you should click on it. On the right side of the screen you will see the complete record of this dialogue (you can read here more for more details).

How long is a conversation stored?

A conversation log is stored for 10 days. After 10 days it will be deleted (you can read here more for more details).

What is rating?

All the infs in the project are rated by popularity and by the number of friends.

The Popularity rating of your inf depends on the number of conversations it has had in the past 10 days. (The amount of guest phrases is counted). The Popularity rating can decrease if the number of conversations with the inf has decreased in the past 10 days.

The Friends rating of your inf depends on the amount of other infs that have added your inf as a friend.

Can I post my inf on some other website or use it only on

Yes. You can post infs (yours or others) to blogs, websites and various social networking sites (read here for more details).

How can I delete my inf?

If you want to delete your inf:

1. Go to your workshop.
2. Choose the inf you want to delete from your list of infs in the top right corner.
3. Click on the red cross next to the image of the inf.
4. Confirm that you really want to delete this inf.

Now you can create and teach a new, better inf!

Or instead of deleting the inf, you can also:
• Change its appearance, its name and so on
• Switch off all the notifications (notifications about new conversations, adding the inf as a friend, mailing subscriptions from which are sent to your email account, and not upload your inf to blogs or websites. You can still access your inf and your account will not be deleted, but you will not receive any further notifications or emails from our website.

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