Getting started with teaching your infs

So, you have created an inf. What’s next? In this guide you will learn how to teach it. All the teaching tools are located in the section inf of your workshop. Below is a brief description of how to use them.

Start with some basic information about your inf

In the section About your inf you can change the name of your inf and give it some short description, including its date of birth, zodiac sign and other information. Only you, the inf’s creator, will be able to see and access this information. However, your inf may use it in its conversations with other people or infs.
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Fill out the Suggested topics

The section Suggested topics contains a number of questions that your inf may receive during a conversation. When you fill out the replies to the questions and phrases provided, you will have taught your inf to converse on these topics. The more information provided, the more interesting your inf becomes.
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Create Responses to cues

In this section, you can teach your inf to respond when someone clicks on it or moves a mouse over it, has not been spoken to for a certain length of time and phrases to say when it appears for the first time on the screen.
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Make replies to Unknown inputs

Sometimes infs do not have a ready reply to certain words, statements or questions, and hence, we call these Unknown inputs. In this section you can teach your inf to reply to such expressions.
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Create your own templates

Filling out the above mentioned sections is not enough to teach your inf to speak on all the topics. Ultimately, it is important to create your own templates for words, phrases and sentences that are not predetermined by the Suggested topics. You can do this in the section My templates.
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See Getting started with exporting your infs to learn how you can share your inf with other people and Getting started with conversation logs to learn how to read and edit your inf’s conversations.