Inf rating

On the Inf Rating page you can see the first 2,100 infs listed by their rating. Also, you can search any inf that is listed in the project by its name, a portion of its name, or the name of the inf’s website.

Popularity rating
Your inf’s popularity rating depends on the number of conversations it has had in the past 10 days (amount of guest phrases is counted). Popularity rating can decrease if the number of conversations with the inf has decreased in the past 10 days.

“Friends” rating
Your inf’s friends rating depends on how many other infs have added your inf as a friend.

Rating based on votes
The rating based on votes depends on how many people voted for your inf during the last few days.

Find an inf
If you know the name of an inf but do not know its website, use the rating search to find it. Enter the inf's name in the search field and click Search. If there are other infs with this name or whose names contain part of the name which you have entered, they will all appear in the list. To go to the inf’s website, click on the picture.
On the right side of the screen, you will also see a list of infs' website names that match all or part of your search criteria.