Any endings in the inputs

Purpose: To teach your inf to understand the entered word(s) in various forms.

How it is done:

In order to avoid writing templates for every word that only differs in its ending, you can replace the endings with the symbol ‘~’ ( tilde), for example, like this: “paint~”. This input will be equal to the following: “painting”, “paints”, “painted” and so on.

Guest says:
$ * paint~ *
Inf replies:
# Art is my life!

Possible uses:

Now your inf will reply with “Art is my life!” not only to the phrase form in the first example, but also to the following inputs: “Do you like painting on the walls”, “He paints better than you” etc.

NOTE: Tilde ‘~’ is a very useful tool, but be careful with it. Remember, that the tilde reads the main part of the input only. The root of a word (in this case "paint") may take different forms for example, “paintings”, “painter” etc. Therefore, the stated reply may not always be appropriate.